Sir John Sinclair  Space Trilogy  - Part 2

You are the hero and listening only your bravery, you run to liberate  princess Roz of the horrible Zorgon

Through 4 platforms and a 5th final level you will discover one of the best arcade games of all the times! 

All there is succeeded: graphics, music, menus,  organization, gameplay, really a jewel of master Sinclair

vers Xenon 1

le jeu - the game


vers Xenon 3 : The Genesis Probe
  • Year: 1983
  • Type:  platform
  • Author:  John S. Sinclair 
  • Editor:  IJK
  • Origin:   

Jacquette - Inlay

prepare to meet thy doom   
Spider Level Tarzan in jurassic park

The goal of this level is  to liberate the dinosaur of the top, really we wonder why

 So run and jump near the river, release the rope at the right moment.

In the upper area

 touch the switch that libere Denver, and run quickly in the opposite way

all is in the timing


 Bird Level  

 cross and avoid those deadly snow flakes
after crossing through it

you must catch the bird
 to reach the 1st stair 
Cross again

 but now catch the bird is dangerous because you must jump in the vacuum

 thanks F9 key  
A last crossing and you get another piece

of the castle drawbridge
 Dragon Level Never spit on me ! 
Beautiful animation of this spitter dragon

But, no time for contemplation

avoid deadly spits

the white one  must be thrown to the sender.
Crossing through laser lights

needs patience
 Freighter Level Shoot them up ! 
You are now driving a special, spacial, vessel

try to survive through several dangers

It's not easy ! 

especially because non customizable keys

Keys: X, left arrows & space
Your target is a "kind of snowbike"

its destruction finish the level

don't miss it !
tips in forum with this level
 Bridge Access    attack the castle !
     Each victory give you a piece of the drawbridge, after the 4th you can enter the castle and reach the last level Look at zorgon

 how ugly he is !

 the girl seems to be pretty

but not sure from here  
the beauty is crying

hurry !
 Ants Level    
You're near your darling

jump constantly to avoid ants sting

activate the 2 guns successively

The awful zorgon lose at last

She's free

You can now exerce your rights

It's the space law
the story continue 

  enfin la récompense   
 Happy end

they live for a long time ... 

* * *
  for the highscores fans

the game continue, harder

road to the top of the hall of fame

can you beat maximus ?
propose your best screenshots

the best scores were be published here

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