by Cristian from Roma

AtariST emulator runnin into Dreamcast

Good News for Oric/Atmos emulation fans!

We can play all Oric games on Dreamcast with DCaSTaway 
(an Atari ST emulator for Dreamcast)!

Check it Out!

"Atoric 0.9 runs on every Atari computer (ST, TT, Falcon, and even Hades and Milan)
and now it also runs on Macintosh with the MagicMac Atari emulator.
Atoric runs with OricDos,
XLDos, Sedoric... and it emulates the Telestrat too !
 Great work, Christian ! 
If you have an Atari with VGA screen, 
you may also download an optimized program for this configuration."

<     DCaSTaway run on Dreamcast.
You can burn in MODE2 (no close disk for add files in future)
 DCaSTaway, TOS and Atoric image togheter in a CD-ROM
and run 1St_read.bin (DCaSTaway exe) with DEMO MENU  utility for Dreamcast

Atoric.prg = Oric Emulator to load
(double click on icon)

Atoric.cnf = emulator config like Euphoric.ini
 you can modify this txt file with real Atari ST or PC).
Now you can load Atoric emulator.

 <    Test game loading

Kryllis In game    > 

   NOTE: This is only a tech test, Atoric on Dreamcast is not better than Euphoric on Windows.