Intensive card ward


   Emulation is fine and easy to use, but the most exciting projet is to find a real Oric, to touch it, and watch the game on a TV screen like in the good old time.

   Using this nice keyboard of the ATMOS and the funny one of the Oric-1 is the must of the nostalgia.

   What a pleasure to type again ZAP, PING and SHOOT and hear this mythic sounds.
   No technicians here !

  The only ambition of this page, is to propose a very simple tutorial to make live again the dear jewel of our youth.

   a tutorial for dummies in technic like me

  Golden rules:  patience, prudence et tenacity
First: Rear pannel

Electric supply (DBug)

Normally the Oric needs 9 volts,

not a good idea to use 12 volts, the probability to burn a component is important.

Almost all universal AC Adapters work. You must plug adapter first and after connect the Oric

NB: the size of the jack is crucial, some like good but don't work, try others !


In 1983, the PERITEL is new, most of the TV had not, so the signal used the antenna plug, forget it now

Today the peritel is present of course, but the Oric output wasn't supplied, so you need another AC Adapter especially for your peritel, thanks ebay to find one for my baby.

If you are a good handy-man you can make it, it's recommanded to use the advices of experts of those connections like the members of

OK ! your TV give you the nice homepage ! cool !

time to load games now !

Load the Games

  For purists: 
  You can use a tape-recorder and try to load original tapes found anywhere. It's so exciting at the beginning to live again those great moments, but it's quickly boring because it is long and it often fails.  

  It's better to use your PC and the files WAV found on the net or to convert the files TAP in files WAV

  Isn't marvellous to see your powerful PC used as a tape-recorder to feed its ancestor ?

   The young taking care of the old one  !  

  First find or make a connector  >

  Jack for PC   <=>  Din for oric

I find mine on the internet 



At last, you can type CLOAD"zorgon"

Use an audio player like WindowsMedia or the recorder of windows (accessories menu) for read these files, you can see LOADING appears at the top of the screen, wait some minutes and follow instructions.


   Loading Zorgon A  


Here is some WAV files



to use more options,

 i suggest you to visit the website of  Fabrice Frances
there is several informations and tools to make WAV files

For exemple:
 the tool tap2cd which create fast files able to be cloaded 5 times faster than the original format
 Bravo Fabrice   

Official site


F. Frances

here is 3 games convert in fast mode by tap2cd:

Aigle d'Or


Mission Delta