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Robert Piechaud

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A surprised invitation

One morning you receive in your mail an invitation of an old friend, you don't remember his name, but as he live in the same town as you, you decide to accept the invitation.

10h23 PM, you're in the right street. The district isn't familiar for you, and thehouse doesn't seem very friendly, but in a few minutes you'll know who is Haffreut Gertrud.

You knock at the door and it opens, you wait a few seconds that somebody presents himself and decide to penetrate in the house.

And suddenly the door closed on you ! You're captive...
Leave the house very quickly and... alive

You're now closed in this house, filled with deadly traps and monsters,
your objective is clear leave from here alive.

 Each part of this house is potentially dangerous, all your steps can lead you to an immediate death,
a loss of points of life or an encounter with a monster.

You begin the game with 16 points of life, the flee from a fight or enter in a room with traps
will cause a drop in this total, and when you reach zero it's death.


  During your exploration you'll take weapons to kill the monsters, all the weapons are not effective with all the monsters and if you don't carry the good one it'll be an immediate death.

If you flee, you'll lose six points of life then, it's more simple to avoid the fight because monsters don't move, dont' have any items and their room lead nowhere.

Finally your inventory is limited, if you carry more than six objects you the floor will break, you 'll randomly lose an object and some points of life.

To leave this house, you only need two objects, the key of safe and the magnetic card which is in the sage.
Once these two objects in your possession, go to the door of exit and you win the game.

Don't hope to meet Haffreut Gertrud in order to have an explaination of the story, or to kill him.
No  you leave the house and game is finished, it's a short adventure isn't it ?



  There won't suspense, Rendez-vous avec la terreur isn't a good game and the list of the defects is long.

There's no really adventure in this game(it's terrible for an adventure game) you have just to visit the house and avoid the monsters and the traps. The rooms are followed without any logical, for example a crushing machine is next to the bathroom.

The collected objects, except for the key and of the magnetic card, are use only for the combat (I finished the game without taking any objects).

Graphically all the rooms are identical, but with different colors, and some “accessories” are added to break monotony.

The sounds on the other hand are varied and punctuate your actions and your deaths…

However it's felt that the author tried to make the game interesting, the fights could have been fun and add a little interest, but they are useless. There's a research in the variety of the places, but graphically they're identical and the map of the house isn't interesting.

You can play this game only for two good reasons, the curiosity to see if you agree with my opinion, or because you never finished it and you want to do it.

The map

   Here the map of the house, the skull-heads are mortal traps, the “Hits” are traps which make lose points of life and the swords show the fights.

The main items in order to finish the play are indicated on the map, there're the key, the magnetic card and the exit.