Fly me to the moon
  Let me sing among those stars
  Let me see what spring is like
  On jupiter and mars

  In other words, hold my hand
  In other words, baby kiss me...

  Franck Sinatra

        Year: 1984
        Editor: LORICIELS
        Type: Arcade
        Author: Carlo Perconti
        Origin: France

First, the cultural minute:

Do you know the meaning of JEEP

       No ?

In US Army in 1940
it was the General Purpose vehicule
 > G. P. > JEEP

OK let's take the SuperJeep now !

Here is your SuperJeep ! 

Except to be an off-road vehicule

this lunar jeep has no resemblance with it's ancestor

 look at it's equipment :

 - caterpillar
 - laser gun
 - roof missile launcher
 - jumper


You have 3 levels, 1st and 3rd are very similar

     ;  Left     Right     space    Jump

    Shift G    Shoot  >  not practical at all

  It's fine to have the joystick option, very rare
  I don't know how to use it in Euphoric

  At the beginning, you are surprised by the slowness of jumps
    but it's the lunar gravity !

   I found fine to slow down euphoric at 0,8 mhz
  useful because of the keys which are not easy to use

  You must drive during 1000 kms to finish a level
  After 3 levels, you return to the first one with increased difficulty

  > after 30 000 points : you acces at the 4th level
  > after 40 000 points:  you unlock the last level

    5 levels

  Level 1

    Level 2    


 - run quickly to avoid bombs

 - jump mines and holes

 - destroy big rocks to earn 100 points

- the flying cup earns 500 points

 No problem to finish this level !
  most of fireballs are easy to destroy except some 
which are upper so you need to jump 
and shoot with the good timing

Always difficult to finish this level

Each ball earns 100 points.

  Level 3        Level 4    Unlocked at 30 000 points
  here is the easier level 

Destroy the barrels for 100 points et run
to avoid the bombs

too much easy, where is the challenge ?
    here begin the difficulties:

 - il faut dégommer les soucoupes 
 - sautez et tirez en l'air
 - une fois parterre sautez là
 - ne sautez ni trop tôt , ni trop tard !

  Il y a aussi un ballon à dégager : aucun problème, il suffit de sauter et de tirer dessus pour qu'il s'envole.

  Level 5    night mission
 Unlocked at 40 000 Points    
The difficulty here, is the moving target,  the night is finally not a problem.

when destroyed, a mine is dropped on floor , you must jump it, the best choice is to hit target very far, to have enough time for jumping mine.
  The second target  has  a slow  movement and can easily be avoided,  but  destroy it if you want  points.

Here too, shot far when it go down, just before it touch the ground, success in each shot !!

Another simple method is to cross under the targets, slow down until target is on top and run after. simple and efficient but no points won !

  After level 5         
  no more new level after that
lgame restart at the beginning with increased difficulty

  Tip: slow down Euphoric


A really original arcad game, never seen other similar

Here you don't need to be the faster, but to have precision

in jumps, in shoots,...

very useful to slow down rather than drive faster

It's a moon gravity experience after after all, be soft !

let's player be cool and make gracious movement

a kind of poetic video game period, time of artists !!

"fly me to the moon, let me see, ..."