par Arcadia Software - 1983

The war is declared !


Whereas peace seemed to have settled in the Italian restaurant, wretched PASTA PICHAS decided to break alliance and  to kidnap six tins of ravioli.

Their accomplices the PACPERSON, distant cousins of Pacman which did not resist the dark side of the force, are part and will not hesitate to use violence.

Will you let these unfortunate raviolis to be  kidnapped (and god knows what after)? Will you accept that PASTA PICHAS make the law?

NO !
There will be sauce (tomato) on the walls.

The game

The goal of the game is simple, you must protect the tin og ravioli and remaining in life. 

To do this, you control a last generation SAUCE SQUIRTER which will allow to destroy the enemies with single drop of tomato sauce very spicy.

Check your drops because only a bonus or the lost of a life will allow to fill your reserve.

 On this screen you can select the number of players, the volume,
and the skill level.
The harder the skill level is, the faster the game is.

Here is the game screen shot, the upper part of the screen show the score and the high score.

The lower part of the screen show the remaings drops.

The enemies appeared by the side on the screen, do stay on it a long time.
A Ravioli tin isone of your lifes, watch on it !


Here is the sauce squirter wich will allow you to shot the nasty pasta.


You can move the sauce squirter, but there's inertia and if you collide with an enemy you'll lost a life.

The movement is done with the arrow keys and the space bar is used to shoot.
This game handle the joystick.

 The "bad dudes"

Here are the PASTA PINCHAS
Their goal is to kidnap the ravioli tin, don't deal with us, their contact is deadly.

 10 pts

 20 pts

 30 pts


And here are the so nasty PACPERSON
Their only goal is to kill you, beware at the with PACPERSON it will chase after you.

50 pts



 100 pts

The bonus


You must protect them.
Each ravioli tin is one life.



If you shot on it you'll gain a bonus score.


 With this bonus, if you catch it, you'll fill your
Don't shot on it or it'll destroyed.


It's an arcade game whose the topic is very original, the play is fast and fun.
The graphiscs are good et the animations are well made.
There's not music, but the sound are good with this game.

The show of the beginning, with animations, explain very well how to play and options allow to configure the game.
It's a game accomplished.

But as any game of this kind, it's a little boring after some plays, and the game haven't end.
It's a good little game you can play from time to time to improve its score or simply to have fun.