"Hello dear Orician, i'm your new favourite OS"
enough of windows, try me !
OGC propose a quite simple tutorial for newbie, like me :-)

  Translation   in   progress  

First what is LINUX ?

If you have never try it, read those simple explanations

It's a Microsoft Windows competitor, based upon a very old operating System, UNIX, born in 1969, before the first Bill Gates DOS.

Its great principle is the Open Source

Since years, many developpers everywhere in the world contribute to improve system and softs, so the computer technology become totally free, open and legal.

At the beginning, product was difficult, only for technicians or geeks, but now it's really mature and easy to use.

- You can test it WITHOUT installing anything (bootable CD)

- You can install it in Windows, like any soft, and easily uninstall it

- It's a light, fast, stable and free Operating System

  So you are already uninterested ?


Which one to choose ?

For us, the beginners, choose:   Ubuntu

Each 6 months, a new version is available, the name is a funny animal name like "hardy heron" or "intrepid ibex"...

Don't be afraid by all this names, the differences are poor and the system update itself automatically online.

the most important is the numbers: Year - Month

9.04: 2009 April
8.10 : 2008 October
How to get it ?

You can download it without any problem then you burn your System CD !
You even can get a free official CD, but it's a litttle bit longer (several weeks), so the best choice is to download it:


Actually, it's the 10.10 (2010 October) :

look Ubuntu desktop ( hardy heron version)

let us see how Euphoric live in Linux   


Method 1:   DosBox + Euphoric  (thanks  DBUG for this explanation)

First you have to install dosbox, on Ubuntu it's in the default list of packages you can install with the "Synaptic Package Manager" (that you can access from the "System -> Administration -> ..." menu).

Just search for "dosbox", select it in the result list, right click "mark for installation", then click on "Apply" in the icon bar. Should install it.

After that, you go in the correct folder, and when you type "dosbox" it will run dosbox... which by default will try to load and run a "dosbox.conf" file in the current folder. Mine is a copy of the default one, with just that added at the end:

Just install Euphorix or just copy the windows version

  mount c     /home/VotreNom/Euphoric
  set ORIC=c:\

  Zorgon's Revenge running with DosBox

memo DOSBOX:  tape intro or help

Method 2:  XEUPHORIC  -  CALORIC  (if you already know Linux)


emulator xeuphoric can be compiled and launched :

tape in console:

wget http://www.teaser.fr/~amajorel/xeuphoric/xeuphoric-0.19.0.tar.gz
tar -xvf xeuphoric-0.1
cd xeuphoric-0.