• Year: 1985
  • Authors:  M. Fievre - JP Ledru
  • Editor: ERE
  • Language: 
  • Rom:

      the Manual (french)





For the great sportsmen that we are 

here is a new sport simulation:

Archery, Rowing and Weightlifting.

For the glory of the Gods of the Olympics!

1  - Bow 

 You have 2 quivers

each with 7 arrows, with which to qualify.

 The qualification score is 380 points.

 You play with the spacebar

the first press adjusts the wind speed.





  Wait for the target and press the spacebar at the right time.

 Adjust the angle of flight by holding down the spacebar.

 The wind speed changes the correct time to fire your arrow.


 2  - Oar  

 You row by alternating SHIFT and CTRL 

You must time your presses carefully 

 and build up a good rhythm, which can be quite difficult 






  Is it good to be a galley slave?

  You only get 1 attempt at this event.


3 - Halterophilie

  Ok ! hold tight, in this difficult event 

There are 4 actions to perform 

 and you have to alternate the down arrow and spacebar keys





1. Initial lift: Press the down arrow until the yellow bar is between the two lines on the left.

2. Press the spacebar quickly.
3. Second lift: Press down arrow again.
4. Press the spacebar quickly again 




  Once the arms are fully extended,

 you have to hold the lift for 5 seconds (watch the clock)

by hammering the spacebar as fast as possible

 - see the animation below





  This is a very difficult event.

 Round after round, the weight increases.

 The graphics are very nice, 

 but don't break your keyboard!




When you have successfully completed the three events

you begin again but with increased difficulty.

One of the good points is the multiplayer mode.
Up to 4 players can play, which makes the game more fun and friendly

 Rowing with two players at the same time would have been better.

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In summary:

 it's a great game in all respects.

 The only regret is that there was no follow up

a decathlon for example.