Classic mission during a war : you have to rebuild a bridge to let trucks cross it.

The goal of this game is to rebuild a bridge by collecting tiles scattered all over the field. It's by piloting a helicopter that you will be able to transport them.
To grab a tile, go down to the center of the tile with your helicopter, then carry it to an empty space on the bridge.
The helicopter is burning fuel, so you will have to land on the pink zone named FUEL to refuel.
The helicopter is being controlled by using the direction arrows and the space bar. The helicopter can be turned right or left, it can face the screen too.

4 types of enemies will get in your way :

The tanks, on screens 2 and 3, and in the screen five's pit, shoot diagonally, so it is better to get rid of them by approaching them by the sides, or by positionning the helicopter facing the screen above them ( your shots going  then downward )

The planes, on all screens, showing up every ten seconds or so, generally on both sides at the same time. They do not shoot, and are not really dangerous.

The missiles on screen four, are slow enough to be dodged.

The red bubbles, a kind of ground to air missiles, are showing on screens two and three of the game.
Before you play, you have to choose the difficulty level. The levels, from 1 to 9, are directly influencing the game speed.
The playfield is splitted across five screens. The screens are linked one to the other, so by leaving the screen number one on the right side you enter the screen number two.

Screen 1
The screen of the bridge to rebuid. You have to land the helicopter on an empty space to put the tile in place.

Screen 2
2 tiles on this screen. 2 tanks and some red bubbles. This screen is very hard to complete as the positionning of the tanks and red bubbles is randomized. So it is usual to get killed as soon as entering this screen by coming from screen 1 or 3.
The tanks shots are dangerous.

Screen 3 ( start screen )
the refuelling zone.
2 tiles on this screen.
1 or 2 tanks to destroy to be left in peace. Some red bubbles will spice up this level.

Screen 4
1 tile on this screen.
Easy to go through screen. Slow missiles, so it is easy to dodge them.

Screen 5
2 tiles in the pit.
2 tanks in the pit, so better to destroy them before going down in the pit to fetch the tiles. The electric field blocking the pit is flashing every five seconds ( or so ).

                                                                              Once the bridge is rebuilt, then : mission complete, the truck can cross the bridge.

The second's screen bug is a bit confusing : sometimes you get shot as soon as entering the screen because you crash into a red bubble. To go from screen 1 to 2 or from 3 to 2, it is better to position yourself near center of screen, not too high, not too low.
The quality of graphics and the game speed allow us to spend some nice time at this tiny helicopter's commands. The sound effects are fitting the game quite well too, they help to delve deeper into the atmosphere.

Game art