• Year..................: 1985
  • Publisher.............: Norsoft
  • Author................: Philippe Marti
  • Type ................: Snake in a maze
  • Origin................: France
  • Environment...........: Oric-1/Atmos
  • "Wav" file for Atmos..:



     AT LAST !!!!  Cobra in "TAP" mode
    (Thanx to Waskinette)



    COBRA is hungry !

    Don't worry, this fearsome Predator is vegetarian and loves only apples!

    Like all snakes in his case, his body will significantly lengthen each fruit he eats. But unlike his friends, and this is the originality of your mission, COBRA is a prisoner of a maze as a pac - man.

    In this evil game you will need to drive it before it hungry die
    And it goes fast, that bloody snake!
    Bends will be difficult to take and you'll lose precious time.
    An addictive game to discover or rediscover quickly !

    Action !

      When the tape is loading, you can admire the ads of Norsoft (Tyrann, Rabbit, Montsegur, and, of course COBRA).
    Unfortunately this magnificent home screen appearing in crossfade of the most beautiful effect, will really not long remain on the screen !

    I feel that this snake around the word COBRA impatients
    Huh ? Free snake at 50000 ? (Easy..;)

    Since I am asked, I press a key...
      After entering the number of players and the level of difficulty, a menu appears.
    All is there ! As well as on a real terminal Arcade, better even!
    Come on! Begin hostilities!
    Go like clockwork...
             Steady ?

    Go !!!
      Here, it was not too hard, I feel that it will not last..
    Indeed, when you arrive there, it  would be nice to find your way to a higher level..  
      A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do
    Finally, it was not so terrible, since I'm still here!  
     It seems that it remains less and less time!
    Indeed, more your level progresses, more you start with a close time of the fateful 9999!
    In addition, the snake becomes significantly faster, and take the right turn at the right time becomes more difficult.
    This level is evil !
    Snake eating its tail, difficult bends, getting muddled up, you'll be afforded of all !
      Do you remember this easy level ?
    So you have 20 seconds to do it !!!
            After all : I replay !       

    Story of a rescue

    Found in a box forgotten for years, the magic tape was here ! Memories of time spent time trying to break the High-Score with friends at home. I had to try at any price !

    Hurrah ! The lost treasure that I was no more able to find on the internet is still working
    For the benefit of the Oricians, I decided to make a wav file. Unfortunately, and despite numerous attempts, it was impossible to transfer and then to digitize the file to make it work on our favorite emulator.
    There remained more than to throw a bottle in the sea of the internet, and symoon answered !

    Here is that this fabulous game resurrected in the form of a wav file accepted by Euphoric!
    With Dom, the game was found also on a floppy disk of the CEO_Mag of December 1998.
    Thanks to you both !

    It will run ?


    Box and tape
    Tape : side A (Atmos)
    Tape : side B (Oric-1)